Isara, a key player in a new era of agriculture and food

Skills-focused, enterprising, sustainably committed and connected to an open and changing world

Isara 2025 project goals

Strengthening our position in the agro-ecological and food transitions

  • Isara is strengthening its global presence in agroecology and sustainable food systems through the creation of a centre for excellence that combines training, research and expertise.
  • Isara is tackling climate change and the technological, digital and energy transitions head on by forming new academic, scientific and professional partnerships. Entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of Isara’s system of excellence, helping it drive innovation and support the creation of new companies and businesses.

4 major objectives

  1. Key player in the agricultural and food industry transitions
  2. School based in Lyon and Avignon with an international focus
  3. Innovative and advanced training
  4. A school that embraces change

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