Témoignage de Martin étudiant chilien

Martin étudiant à l’Université pontificale catholique (PUC) du Chili basée à Santiago a rejoint l’Isara dans le cadre d’un programme d’échanges entre l’Isara et son université.

« I am having a good time here, and despite the situation, I met a lot of people. My classmates are very nice with me and I have many Erasmus friends living at the same residence, coming from Spain, Germany and Holland. Of course, I would like to go out more but we can still do some things and I am having fun« .

Martin Erasmus Student - Isara

Why did you choose Isara? 

In Chile, I am studying agronomy with specialities in economics. My University, the PUC, has partners agreement with Isara which gives me the opportunity to valid one semester abroad. In this context, I was motivated by following courses focused on agronomy and economy and also by practicing my English and learning French. It’s my first time in France. I would like to travel to Paris, to Spain. I plan to take one month to travel all July before going back home . 

Context of your coming? 

I will be at Isara for one semester. I arrived the 15th of February and after a week of quarantaine, I was « free » !! Even though the COVID situation multiplied administrative documents, it was well organized for my visit to France. At Isara, it is very open and comprehensive and they take care of you. 

Courses and daily life in Lyon? 

I am following courses of the 4th year: Food and the cities, nutrition and health, mountain as challenging areas, agriculture and food economy… and I am also taking French lessons. Everything is going well but it will be so great to be more in face to face and have more time together. 

During my free time, I go out with my classmates and my Erasmus friends. We visit the city by taking a walk around. The situation could be worse.

What surprised you the most about Lyon and France? What about the food? 

Lyon is a beautiful city with a lot of history buildings. I think also that the government takes care of its students with all the helps : the lunch at 1€ at the CROUS, the scholarships for my room. It’s great !

What are your plan for the future?

My father has a farm in Chile. We produce cherries and apples and export worldwide. I want to work in the family company. I have 5 brothers and I am the only one studying agronomy. My study will help me to have more knowledges and bring new tools and practices for the company. «